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User Name: Akemi Gender: Female
Interest: Any Thing That Comes My Way! Looking For: Men
Last Visit: Oct 10th, 2018 05:10AM Height: 5'9"
Birthday: May 11th My Age: 34
Ethnicity: Black Body Type: Curvy
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Black
Education: Graduate Degree Employment: Student
Income: At Least $25000 Drink: Social Drinker
Smokes: Never Smoke Drugs: Never
Job Title: Therapist Industry: Counseling
About Me:
I like reading all types of books, adore hearing live poetry. I am a nice person, who expects people to be the same. I am a FAMU alumnus and proud to say I attended an HBCU. I think that honesty, loyalty, sensitivity are characteristics that should be celebrated. I like to laugh and take an enjoy life, to the fullest" approach to life. I think people should always know what they want & be willing to go after it, even if it might mean looking silly or getting rejected(although that can suck). I believe in finding true love, where each person feels loved and respected for what they bring to the relationship. I believe in "saying what you mean and meaning what you say". Im pretty laid back, who knows how to study hard and also can enjoy herself at a party. I think life is best when I'm surrounded by those I love. Honesty and integrity are the foundations of any relationship and I try my hardest to surround myself with people who value those two things. Diversity makes life interesting, consequently, I like meeting new people and am currently learning Japanese. My guilty pleasure is eating food (especially chinese or Vietnamese), watching movies, listening to live poetry, and watching tv.

Who I'm Looking For:
A honest, intelligent, kind person who enjoys relaxing and going out. I am looking for someone to have fun with and build something solid.

My Photos:
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