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Seeking My Destiny/Greatness *Florida A&M Rattla 4 Life*.
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User Name: heman7 Gender: Male
Interest: New Friends Looking For: Women
Location: Tampa, FL
Last Visit: May 30th, 2020 01:05AM Height: 5'10"
Birthday: Sep 30th My Age: 43
Ethnicity: Black Body Type: Athletic
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Hazel
Education: Bachelors Degree Employment: Great Job
Income: At Least $50000 Drink: Social Drinker
Smokes: Never Smoke Drugs: Never
College: Florida A&M University
Job Title: CRT 1st Response Case Manager, Mental Health Care, Industry: Counseling
About Me:
This is/will be my year (2011) for HIGHER HEIGHTS of what I Aspire and Endeavor as designed for me to do in Life. This has been a long journey for me... Feel free to click on the link and sign my GuestBook! BLESSINGS!* p.s. Feel free to view more about me and my background from the website where my father's music is listed at http://cdbaby.com/cd/billhemmans Samples of his music can be downloaded here. I came to Florida A&M with no money, a trash bag with clothes in it on the Monday that school had started after a friend of mine had seen me standing back on the street corners after graduating from Junior College (Manatee Community College) with my A.A. Degree (Pre-Law). They were on their way up to Tallahassee on a Sun night and I decided to go. Long story, I had no place else to go. So making it to Florida A&M University (the rest is Blessed history) and graduating with my Bachelor's degree. Political Science/Psychology. I was in the Physical Therapy program for 1 1/2 years. For me to graduate from college was a miracle against the grain of the world and many. I am completing my 1st book (A Spiritual/Auto-Biographical/Inspirational/Motivational), a Memoir titled "When My Father and Mother Forsake Me". Based on Psalm 27:10. I have had Article's Nationally published, also in Canada, such as "How Men Should Treat Women". I am seeking a Masters in Counseling via Liberty U. Graduate of Divinity program. I also have my goals of my M.B.A. I also aspire which has been my heart since my earliest years to enter Lawschool. I have prayed for when I was at Florida A&M, to gain their Law School back after being taken back in the late 60's. They now have their new Lawschool in Orlando, FL. I have my eye out for them in my Loyalty and have visited. I also know Orlando very well... "Seek Ye 1st and then everything else Will Be Added Unto You, i.e. Matt 6:33. This does not mean perfection but sure helps a heck of a lot in what one seeks to do in Life, thus I seek my Masters in Divinity before all else. Between Graduate School and my Book this time in my life is a very busy one but the building stones to All that is now near and for all the rest that Will come for me from God. I am proud, loyal and devoted to my Alma Mater... I seek to do what has not been done before for the community. That is to address the high recidivism rate of those who are in and out of the court system. It is due to the fact that they have the same problems when they come out. I have been there where many struggle at. I seek to be unique in providing legal, financial and spiritual counseling to those in need. I have worked for years counseling mainly adolescents but as of late, adults. I AM DESTINED TO BE GREAT. Not conceited, just convinced (Heb 10:35). Much Luv and Peace. "God" Bless to all, appreciate the time for reading. Sincerely William :-) Most Memorable Moment: Entering and Graduating from Florida A&M University. Oh I Interned at the State Department of Insurance in Tallahassee. I was rated the top 2nd year Law Clerk but I was only a Senior in college. I was assisting a lot of people even an Aunt and Uncle back home. I assisted Lawyers in major lawsuits against Insurance companies raising their rates upwards of 100% after Hurricane Andrew and also discrimination. You would be surprised at some of the things, well-known Insurance companies and their agents were doing to people. I also have to add, becoming a Mason while in the Army and achieving Sergeant/E-5 were also major obstacles to overcome, claim, achieve, pray for and be Blessed. I caught up with my college room mate K.B. and his wife after something like 10 yrs. Come to find out we both were trying to catch up with each other. I was blessed to make contact via this website, in which I mentioned as one of my goals...

Who I'm Looking For:
I was referred here. Please feel free to view more about me at the main HBCU web page, promise not to be a disappointment, prayerfully. *I am primarily making full use of this site to network and to meet people* Seeking to stay in tune with the college generation and those who aspire for further education. People who still dream. People whose whole world is still ahead of them. People who have not quit in life but fight and aspire forward. Positive energy is limitless goal achieving fuel. What do I seek in a WOMAN? Proverbs 31:10-31. Not perfection but desiring to be the best person that they can/will be. No one is perfect. I never claim perfection, only aspirations to be a better person. I seek true friendship first, loyalty, honesty, integrity, morals, dedication, True Love, intelligence, ambition, maturity, A real woman/lady, a non-Gold-digger(the man that loves you will blow your mind, Ephesians 5:25-31), independent when need be etc. A Woman that is real and not a fake facade. A WOMAN that is into health as I am but not a fanatic. The Rubie, The Queen. A compliment to me as I will be to the one that can see me for all who I am, and will be. Love me for all that I am and truly see me. I will be a compliment, never a hindrance. The right man for you always adds and never subtracts from who you are. Be who you ask for and he will exceed your expectations. I look for someone who is fun, enjoys intimacy(Respectfully, I am a Hopeless Romantic and Chivalry is not dead with me), enjoys the beach and nature, desires children(William IV and 3 others), can cook, I love to cook( am brilliant at it), a woman that can dance, spontaneous, enjoys life, nature, a communicator, desires to travel around the U.S. and the world, seeks knowledge etc.etc.etc. Asking too much? No. The Woman of Proverbs 31:10-31 is all these things. This does not mean perfectionism. No one is. There must be COMMUNICATION, time, expectations set, goals and dreams that are in conformity with each other, compatibility etc. I come with no baby momma drama,I have no children. I would not be here if I were dating someone.

My Photos:
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