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Cool, calm, and collect
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User Name: mrsuavegent Gender: Male
Interest: Any Thing That Comes My Way! Looking For: Women
Location: Duluth, GA
Last Visit: Jun 18th, 2019 10:06AM Height: 6'2"
Birthday: Jun 9th My Age: 33
Ethnicity: Black Body Type: Muscular
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Other
Education: Bachelors Degree Employment: Great Job
Income: At Least $75000 Drink: Social Drinker
Smokes: Never Smoke Drugs: Never
College: Savannah State University
Job Title: Business Consultant Industry: Information Technology
About Me:
Good day ladies, Today you have been introduced to one most intelligent males this world has to offer. I would like to welcome you all to my humble abode. My door is always open, so since you stopped by, you should leave at least a note (message) on the coffee table (my inbox). I see you’ve been looking around my house. So did you notice the pictures above? Look at the pictures. Doesn’t the person in the pictures portray excellence?Lol. Now that I have your attention, let me introduce myself... I am a young man who believes in using my integrity in all aspects of life. I will be straight up with you because I respect everybody who sticks to what they believe in no matter what people think of them. I am goal oriented but I also love joking around with everybody but to an extent. I am a natural comedian and I love seeing my people laugh and having fun around me. I try my best to be a man of my word and hold others to be the same way. Other than that I am a cool, calm, collect, suave type of person who just loves to have fun. I want to succeed in all my endeavors. Failure is not an option. Neither is Weakness! ~Take a seat and let me (answer) serve you some food (questions) that seems to come up, consistently...~ YES, I am the smartest person that you know. No, I dont support Trump. YES, I am what you need and want in a man. IF you ARE reading THIS then it means I have kept you captivated and it means you should message me.

Who I'm Looking For:
Some chill and relaxed. I just want to vibe.

My Photos:
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