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International MEN*s Month YOUTUBE COFOUNDER% Steve CHEN (226 hits)

“Taiwan Has Potential to Become the Silicon Valley of Asia“ InnoMinds with YT Co-founder Steve Chen
VIDEO::::: https://youtu.be/A1aFIm3gv4I


(For English/Traditional Chinese subtitles, please make sure to turn on CC. 中文字幕請由設定的CC字幕開啟。)

Innovators are changing the world! Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang interviews them on TaiwanPlus' debut podcast project “Innovative Minds with Audrey Tang”. What can we learn from these trailblazers?

In this episode, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen takes us behind the scenes of YouTube and discusses the raison d'etre of the inaugural uploaded video. He also explains why he decided to move to Taiwan and how he would support his children if they became YouTubers. These are just some of the many enlightening stories Steve shares for the first time in the public domain. Join his talk with Audrey now on "Innovative Minds with Audrey Tang."

0:00 Opening Highlight
1:06 Introduce Steve Chen
2:13 How do you make the perfect cat video on YouTube?
5:04 How's life in Taiwan?
8:13 What drew you to computer science?
11:45 Tell us more about the early days of the internet
14:19 What was YouTube like in its infancy?
17:50 What's the truth behind the video-dating website story?
28:00 How has the pandemic changed the way entrepreneurs work?
30:50 Your thoughts on Taiwan's working environment
32:17 How often do you use YouTube these days?
36:16 Please elaborate on YouTube's recommendation system
40:19 How to meet the growing demand for algorithmic transparency?
51:01 What if your kids want to become YouTubers?
56:56 How do you see Taiwan's startup scene?
1:02:37 Tell us more about the Gold Card community in Taiwan
1:04:25 What made you stay in Taiwan?
1:06:11 How are your kids finding Taiwan?
1:09:50 What's the next big thing in terms of innovation?

🎙#InnoMinds Podcast:
Sound On: https://tw.plus/iyehz
Spotify: https://tw.plus/rFPt9
KKbox: https://tw.plus/1XRKn
Apple: https://tw.plus/YSFPB
Google: https://tw.plus/DuFUe
Posted By: Elynor Moss
Friday, April 28th 2023 at 5:59PM
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