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Sunny Side Up Series: March through the shame of.... (5018 hits)

I never really truly recognized shame in others until
my adult year.

Shame happens as a result of having "relations" very
often. Girl meets Guy, they are chemically, physically,
and mentally attracted to one another so they start to
spend time with and each other. He starts to become
hormonally responsive to her and in a matter of time
they impulsively decide to have "relations".

No there was not a lot of talk about plans for an eternity
together. They didn't know one another's behavior
around kids. But, they knew she missed her "egg shed"
the following month.

Thoughts flood her mind and she hesitantly, yet happily
tells him first, "We are with child!"

There are a few different scenarios that can happen next.

The Shame is a result of a couple of different scenarios.
Shame takes away ones belief that they did things the right
way. A shameful pregnancy causes a blossoming flower to
stay closed and droopy.

When does the Shame shed away?
Will he or she outgrow it?
Will it take a lot of getting things right to cover up the idea of
getting it wrong?

The shame is like a spacer. It creates a lot of space between
those involved, and those who care.

We know the problem, and how it was inconsiderably created.

What solutions can we identify to remove the shame?

Posted By: Cheer Leader
Tuesday, March 3rd 2020 at 9:14AM
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