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Why Do Most Black Marriages End in Divorce? (12668 hits)

What are the Main Reasons Black Marriages End in Divorce?

Falling into a black romance is easy, but falling out of one is much more complicated. This is especially true when black couples marry and end up filing for divorce. According to researchers of U.S divorce rates, African American singles are not as likely to marry and when they do, it is highly likely that they will get divorced. The main factors that play a part in whether black romance lasts include financial status, education and age. According to a study conduced by Demographic Research, divorce amongst black couples is more likely that other races.

Sociology professor Andrew Cherlin believes that, “blacks are more likely to get divorced because, first they are poorer, and poverty strains marriages, and second because African-American culture places more weight on ties to grandmothers, aunts, and other kind than does European-American culture, compared to the ties between husbands and wives.” Essentially this shows us that a predominant reason for divorce in black marriages is stress. Stress affects both the mind and body and can happen for all kinds of reasons.

Beautiful black women can start to lose their looks, or feel less attractive in a relationship. Black men or women can feel stressed if they are unable to find work or receive a promotion. Family issues are also extremely stressful. Financial issues are also incredibly straining, even on the strongest of black romances. It is up to the couple to keep their relationship strong regardless of external stresses going on in their lives.

According to research “70% of black women’s first marriage will end in divorce” is also due to the fact that there are much more stresses on African American marriages that other groups. Black women feel that they have a lot on their plate and that they have to work extremely hard during marriage, which aids unnecessary strain on the relationship and makes it less enjoyable for both parties.

Another reason that African American marriages tend to have more difficulties is because “the female earns more than the male in many instances, and she has a more favorable career track. That upsets the apple cart in the natural order of things. As the head of a household so goes the family. If the head of a household is a man who isn’t pulling his weight, then he makes the whole family vulnerable.”

Other common reasons for divorce include cheating, falling in love with someone else, abuse, growing away from the marriage and the development of problems in one party that affect the entire marriage. Some couples rushed into marriage and never had a great relationship to start with, which can lead to divorce once the children are old enough. Those that are in a marriage that is on the brink of divorce can often still save the relationship. It takes a lot of effort, time and communication but it can be done. Often where there was once love it can be reignited, if both parties are willing and able.

10 Tips to Prevent a Divorce: http://blackromance.com/content/264833/10-tips-to-prevent-a-divorce

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Posted By: Janet Johnson
Sunday, April 20th 2014 at 6:23PM
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