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The Heather Lindsey Show: Waiting to Kiss Til' Your Wedding Day. Is it worth it? (54 hits)
Could you wait to kiss til' your wedding day? Check out this episode of our two special guests that waited until "I Do." ...
Posted Tuesday, February 20th 2018 at 5:54PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
PreTerm Birth: What Are You Trying to Birth Out of God's Timing? (207 hits)
Have you ever tried to birth something out of God's timing? Maybe, you're frustrated with your single life, married life, career or purpose. Maybe you keep rushing ahead of God's timing and then you continue to end up in frustration. Check out this v ...
Posted Saturday, February 17th 2018 at 11:17AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Making Love on the Mountain (143 hits)
The goal is success. The destination is bliss. Love is a Mountain. Love is a Journey. What is our Love Legacy? We climb the Mountain of Love and we rejoice in the progress we have made and the levels we have conquered. Love is like a ...
Posted Thursday, February 15th 2018 at 8:59AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
My Valentines Day Love is so Hot! (303 hits)
What will you do to express Love on this designated Love Day? Let Cupid lead your way. Invite Cupid into your heart, mind and soul. Cupid will help you spark that Love Fire! Use nature to show Love. Go grab some sticks of wood and send ...
Posted Wednesday, February 14th 2018 at 8:00AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
The first of a new segment #CandidCosies filmed at The YouTube Space London. Candid Cosies is our up close and personal fly on the wall look at the ladies of Candid, behind the conversation. For this one off Valentine special; Jade-Marie, is jo ...
Posted Monday, February 12th 2018 at 3:16PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
"Would You Marry You" Singles Retreat 2017 (259 hits)
5th Annual Marriage Retreat "Fighting Together" This is Cornelius and Heather's 5th year hosting their marriage retreat. They've seen countless couples renew their vows over the years. Join them as they celebrate 5 years of hosting marr ...
Posted Tuesday, February 6th 2018 at 11:36AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Steve Harvey Confronts Man In Audience Who Is Unfaithful To His Girlfriend (258 hits)
Keri Hilson, Siggy Flicker, Carrie Keagan and Garcelle Beuvais try to get to the roots of why he can't stay faithful to his girlfriend of three years. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from #STEVETVShow: Connect with STEVE online! Visit the STEVE ...
Posted Friday, February 2nd 2018 at 3:44PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
28 Ways to Bless your Spouse (172 hits)
May these 28 ways to bless your spouse give you ideas for ways to serve him and may they help you intentionally reconnect with him in the month ahead. 1. Make his favorite meal 2. Write him a love letter 3. Watch a movie he wants, even if it ...
Posted Thursday, February 1st 2018 at 10:01AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Public Humiliation (351 hits)
When the truth sets you free, how eager you are to set your lover free! But, what is true to you may not be your lovers idea of truth. Would you put their belief on blast and try to announce that what they believe in is keeping them chained to ...
Posted Sunday, January 21st 2018 at 10:13AM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
Just take a little time out (518 hits)
The day can slip away from us so quickly. We give full time hours to our career, then we give full time hours to our rest. How many hours do we give to our lover? We do not have to do extravagant acts to show romance and love. But we do hav ...
Posted Tuesday, January 16th 2018 at 9:53PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
The ultimate self help gift... (292 hits)
Looking for a sweet nothing to give your lover? Or are you looking for the perfect gift that will make your lovers life a little bit healthier and a tad bit more convenient? You must give the gift of love. ***SPRAY LOTION*** Knowi ...
Posted Monday, January 15th 2018 at 10:32PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
How to instantly eliminate your lovers body ache... (306 hits)
With all the toxins consumed, the build up in the body can leave one aching. Your lover can use your healing hands. Immediate relief is what you can deliver. Combine the following ingredients in a bowl: -Coconut Oil -Vicks Vapor Rub ...
Posted Monday, January 15th 2018 at 10:16PM
by: Elynor Moss | post comment
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